I was born and educated in Paris and moved to England in the 70s. I returned to art college in the 90s before being admitted to Trent University, Nottingham, to do a degree in Decorative Arts (1996 - 99). My final year option was specialising in paper and glass. . Sotherby's vase

The same year my work was chosen for the « New Designers - the Future of Design » exhibition at the Business Design Centre, London. I received a commission for a glass and cardboard vase from the curator at Sotheby's Art Museum in London. Following this, I had other pieces of work shown in the gallery Atelier 18 in Nottingham. Since moving back to France in 2000, I have exhibited at various exhibitions and galleries.

My other passion is yoga which I have praticed and taught for many years. I currently hold classes in both English and French.

Artist's statement

My abstract compositions come from a sensitivity and intuition in the search for colours, shapes, patterns and touch. By remaining faithful to my way of working I seek a control of the medium - the paper - while remaining attentive to the unknown.

The secret lies inside the paper and the fold keeps its own memory. Through this approach my work becomes naturally abstract in gathering and representing the essence of my observations. This way of working is personal and is evolving all the time.

My influences are broad, often from nature, and also from memories and feelings, usually based on drawings. Light and its contrasts, texture and writing also play an important role. My work owes much to the depth and variety of my initial training, covering modules such as paper, glass, printing and embroidery, broadly encompassing the disciplines of Fine Arts, Crafts and Design, and which are all reflected in my creations.

My work is a continuous research of form, colour and pattern.